The Bitter Truth — Pact Coffee

Making Londoners think twice about the coffee in their cup with a campaign that revealed the truth behind big coffee.

Find Yourself — Selfridges

Guiding people to Selfridges, and to the truest version of themselves.

The Future Is At Our Feet — Vivobarefoot

Launching Vivobarefoot's radical scan-to-print circular bare-footwear system, VivoBiome.

Finding The Sweet Spot — Truvia

Persuading sweetener users that Truvia is the only brand that gives them the freedom to enjoy life’s sweet moments, guilt free.

Waste Not — GAIL’s

Turning yesterday's leftovers into today's lunches with a new range of waste-less products.

Uncovering A Shoespiracy — Vivobarefoot

Revealing the uncomfortable truth about the shoe-shaped problem for our feet with a provocative campaign.

Liberating The Pill — Lovima

Launch campaign for Lovima — the first female contraceptive pill available without a prescription.

Spreading The Good Word — GAIL’s

Our partnership with GAIL's delivering on their mission to make good neighbourhood food.

Keeping Acrylic Out Of Landfill — Mitsubishi Chemicals

Creating Orbu, a new brand to encourage B2B businesses to choose better.

Raising Britain’s Bread Game — Bertinet

We challenged the bread lovers of Britain to raise their bread game.

For A Life, Uninterrupted — Likewize

Getting customers to care about insurance for a global B2B business.

The Way Forward — Pure Electric

Helping e-mobility pioneers launch a revolutionary new e-scooter format in major European markets.

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