Waste Not — GAIL’s

Waste Not — GAIL’s
Turning yesterday's leftovers into today's lunches with a new range of waste-less products.

278 slices of bread are thrown away every second.
That’s 973 slices while you read this.
There’s no time to waste.

Our idea — Waste Not.

Every ingredient can be reimagined. So we worked with GAIL’s to create a new range of products from their waste ingredients. It began with the Waste-Less sourdough loaf made from yesterdays left over loaves, followed by croissant dough trimmings to make Soho Buns — then many more. We then helped GAIL’s tell this story to their customers.

We're proud to have helped GAIL's make good food go further.

I could not be happier to have these wonderful people as our partners. They complete our team, deliver incredible results and are a joy to work with.

Maria Dogin — Marketing Director, GAIL's Bakery

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