Uncovering A Shoespiracy — Vivobarefoot

Uncovering A Shoespiracy — Vivobarefoot
Revealing the uncomfortable truth about the shoe-shaped problem for our feet with a provocative campaign.

Our normal foot shape today is not our natural foot shape. Shoes distort our feet in the name of fashion. The short-term comfort of foam and air is having a long-term effect on our health. Vivobarefoot makes footwear designed around the foot — improving strength, balance and health.

Our idea — Are your shoes killing you?

A provocative campaign to make people think feet first and question the source of those aches and pains at the end of the day. Showing the uncomfortable truth about the shoe-shaped problem affecting our health, balance and mobility.

Vivobarefoot saw a 67% increase in sales during the campaign, with over half a million visits to their website driven by the activity.

I’ve been fortunate enough work with some exceptional brand strategists, inspiring creatives and pinpoint operators over the years. Rarely has this combination been in play at the same time and never has a single agency been at the top of the game on all counts. Until I worked with Ourselves. They are a class act. Nimble, fresh thinking and a pleasure to partner with.

Philip Borthwick — Chief Marketing Officer, Vivobarefoot

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