Liberating The Pill — Lovima

Liberating The Pill — Lovima
Launch campaign for Lovima — the first female contraceptive pill available without a prescription.

In the 1960s the contraceptive pill was introduced as part of a sexual liberation. Since then it has only ever been obtainable from your doctor, with a prescription. Lovima have made it available over the counter, making it accessible to more women.

Our idea — The Pill has been liberated.

By making it more accessible, the pill has been liberated 60 years after it’s introduction. Our launch campaign placed 1960s archive footage alongside women today, dramatising how long they’ve had to be patient — in more ways than one.


Finally, sixty years on from the launch of the pill, women are able to buy this oral contraception direct from their local pharmacies without a prescription, a doctor’s appointment or hours spent in a waiting room. By putting women in control of their bodies and their lives, Maxwellia and our new brand Lovima® is at the vanguard of this long-awaited revolution in women’s healthcare.

Anna Maxwell — CEO, Maxwellia

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