The Way Forward — Pure Electric

The Way Forward — Pure Electric
Helping e-mobility pioneers launch a revolutionary new e-scooter format in major European markets.

E-scooters have been designed around an outdated ‘scooter’ model since their inception. Pure Electric started from scratch and created the Pure Advance — a revolutionary new e-scooter format that is more stable, more powerful and safer.

Our idea — The Way Forward.

The new design places the riders feet side-by-side for a more natural riding position. No longer twisted, the rider faces forwards — the direction of travel. ‘The Way Forward’ makes an important statement about this never-seen before innovative format and the future of the category.

We launched the Pure Advance in France, Spain, the UK and Belgium with a teaser and full campaign. The campaign had to work in markets where e-scooters were both legal and illegal as well as transcreated into multiple languages.

Ourselves demonstrated the excitement, expertise and skills we were looking for to deliver this exciting project and truly impressed us with their understanding of the purpose which drives Pure Electric.

Lucy Sutton — Head of Brand, Pure Electric
We created hyper-detailed 3D rendered versions of the Pure Advance for static and animated use in the campaign before the final product was available.

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