Keeping Acrylic Out Of Landfill — Mitsubishi Chemicals

Keeping Acrylic Out Of Landfill — Mitsubishi Chemicals
Creating Orbu, a new brand to encourage B2B businesses to choose better.

Mitsubishi Chemicals UK created the world’s first fully circular PMMA (that’s acrylic plastic to the rest of us). The process fully recycles used PMMA by breaking it down into its chemical parts and remaking virgin PMMA from that. With the backdrop of ‘plastic’s’ perception problem their challenge was how to market this new product to many diverse B2B audiences, from recycling companies to design and architectural specifiers, as THE choice that puts less pressure on the planet’s resources.

Our idea — Choose Better.

For such a revolutionary product, we broke out of the conventions of B2B and sustainability marketing with a bold name and a striking visual identity led by a powerful tone of voice. Challenging businesses to choose a better solution when specifying PMMA — a choice that doesn’t compromise the end product, but is better for the sustainable wellbeing of people, society and the planet.

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