The Future Is At Our Feet — Vivobarefoot

The Future Is At Our Feet — Vivobarefoot
Launching Vivobarefoot's radical scan-to-print circular bare-footwear system, VivoBiome.

Normal shoes are trashing our feet — and our planet. They make our feet weak. And around 19 billion pairs go into landfill. Every. Single. Year. It’s clear that the world doesn’t need more new shoes, we need a new system.

Our idea — The future is at our feet.

Vivobarefoot created a vision for a radical scan-to-print circular bare-foot-wear system designed to revolutionise the footwear industry, VivoBiome — where your footprint will create the blueprint for the future of footwear. We helped Vivobarefoot crystallise this vision into a reality through a name, identity and a full creative platform for the launch and recruitment of pioneering bare-foot-wearers.

In 10 days the campaign achieved 17k global sign ups, and 2500 UK pioneer applications.

I’ve worked with Ourselves again and again and again, and keep coming back for more… that says it all.

Asher Clark — Chief Design Officer, Vivobarefoot

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